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Herd & Reference Sires

RAAA #: 4124430

Bourne C31 comes from the Feddes program in Western Montana. We saw value in him because of his structural correctness, balance of traits, and most importantly his Dam. Blockana Y63-C31. When we were selecting another sire that spring she caught our eye every time, and at that point she was an up and coming 4 year old on the Feddes ranch. She became one of their top (if not top) donor cows and sold for 1/2 share to Niobrara's for $25,000 Spring of 2023. Embryos of hers are bringing $1,550/piece! Her grand progeny show why. Look for the sons out of Bourne C31 and with this first crop there is a chance to get ahead and be apart of some mainstream genetics coming down the Red Angus pipeline.

The video is of Riley pulling Bourne C31 off of the cows summer of 2023.

Bourne Pedigree.jpg

RAAA #: 

801 as we call him is a bull we raised ourselves. Super structurally sound, very moderately framed, and backed by a Dam that lasted 13 years on our place. He has a balance of traits, and we use him as a calving ease sire on heifers without sacrificing performance on cows. 

SMJ PM RAMBO G801 pedigree.jpg

RAAA #: 4348389

We acquired Polished Product for his balance of performance and calving ease, his structural correctness/soundness, and his outcross pedigree. Going back on the paternal side to Black Angus, this pedigree allows for a complete outcross and fresh genetics in our herd of reds. 

Polished Product moves like a cat and the balance of calving ease & performance is a consistent trait amongst his progeny.

Polished Product Pedigree.jpg
SMJ PM RAMBO G801 epds.jpg
SMJ PM RAMBO G801 epds.jpg

RAAA #: 3762639

This BHR Bases Loaded 5213 son is one that we raised and used on a group of commercial cows for several years.  We took note of the performance of those calves as well as the added length of body and depth of rib in his progeny.  He stamped his calves with high volume and capacity as well as a sound foot.  His get will be limited as age got the best of him before we could utilize him more in our registered herd.

Long Action Pedigree.jpg
Long Action EPD's.jpg

RAAA #: 3906129

Our pick from Klompien Red Angus in 2019, “Captain” fulfilled our need for power and performance without sacrificing structural integrity!  We used him heavily for several seasons and the growth of his calves did not disappoint. His female progeny are heavy boned, deep ribbed females that look to be durable and nice uddered cows in our herd.

Brilliant Pedigree.jpg
Brilliant EPD's.jpg

RAAA #: 3546130

A moderate framed son of the great 5L Defender and one of James Kuhn’s favorite cows, D043 has been a tremendous asset to our breeding program!  He was a calving ease specialist as well as a great sire for making productive, perfect uddered females.  We were impressed with his great structure as he made it through 6 full breeding seasons without a hitch!

Defender Pedigree.jpg
Defender EPD's.jpg

RAAA #: 3965895

We kept “299” for use in our herd due to his no nonsense, genetically balanced approach.  Stacked with a lot of maternal breeding, 299’s dam had 12 progeny in 12 years.  A solid performer himself, 299 will add consistency, predictability and a fundamental base that can go many directions with success.

299 BL Pedigree.jpg

RAAA #: 4147568

A Brown Ultimate son that we utilized for his calving ease.  G315 ranks in the top 5% for CED and 7% for CEM.  His progeny that are registered have an average birthweight of 73# and 672# adj ww.  He exhibits good extension from head to tail with a strong top and square corners.

315 Ultimate Pedigree.jpg
315 Ultimate.jpg
299 BL EPD's.jpg

CBR PREBANK 070-6100
RAAA #: 4299257

We acquired “PreBank” at the 2021 Campbell Red Angus sale. We found an outcross pedigreed bull that offers tremendous spread from birth to weaning to yearling!  He’s a larger outlined bull who fills the gap on his get with fantastic performance numbers and a lot of natural thickness and muscling. He’s a low birthweight pound maker!

Prebank Pedigree.jpg
Prebank EPD's.jpg

RAAA #: 4147574

300 PM is our very own definition of a Red Angus terminal sire.  He throws the kind of calves that will perform in your pasture and feedlot as well as giving the industry a very desirable product.  300 PM is a high volume, long made bull with tons of performance and thickness!  No sacrifice on structural correctness with all that either.

300 pm Pedigree.jpg
300 pm EPD's.jpg

RAAA #: 3477367

“811” is a moderate framed, calving ease specialist. He does not give up any performance in his progeny nor does his epd profile lack when compared to the “big boys”.  A lot of depth and thickness make it easy for him to sire calves with big spreads in their numbers! He’s a real go getter when he’s with the cows and has always had high percentages of getting his herd bred.

Oscar 811 Pedigree.jpg
Oscar 811 EPD's.jpg

FEDDES 401K 2214
RAAA #: 4631719

Chuck Feddes pointed us in the direction of this Stockmarket son at his place and we were able to get him bought. Backed by the proven performance of his Stockmarket sire as well as the strong maternal lines of the Feddes program, we expect him to make significant impacts in our herd as well as the breed. Ranks in the top 20% or better in 13 epd categories. He looks to be a medium framed, good footed fellow that can be used on heifers and mature cows alike. Look for his progeny in future sales.

401K Pedigree.jpg

RAAA #: 4684185

Here’s another prospect sire that we procured last spring. This one is from Spur M Red Angus and sired by a bull we sold to Doug McGee a few years ago. He’s a high indexing individual that we used on heifers and cows last season. He has a nice profile in both his appearance and his genetic package. Moderate calving ease with performance should be his stamp on his progeny!

Double Stacked Pedigree.jpg
Double Stacked EPDs.jpg
401K EPDs.jpg

RAAA #: 4601169

“Carhart” was our pick in the 2023 Westphal sale. His outstanding phenotype and epd profiles caught our attention and his structural correctness was second to none! Backed by many generations of proven genetics, Carhart has the tools to be a major curve bender in the Red Angus breed. Co-owned with Ressler Land & Cattle.

Carhart Pedigree.jpg
Carhart EPD's.jpg
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