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Schriefer Red Angus

Our Ranch

Raising Cattle Responsibly Since 1936... Registered Red Angus Since 1988

       Located in the rolling hills of Northwest Mercer County, ND, Schriefer Red Angus is focused on a sustainable future and are breeding functional, structurally correct cattle designed to thrive in the harsh environments the Northern Plains has to offer. This leads to hardy, highly maternal, & predictable cows that perform in any environment they see. Our cows have successful progeny in production all over the United States in all different grass and topography environments. 

       We have an annual production sale at the Ranch the last Saturday of every January. Our bulls have only been sold as coming virgin 2-year old's. We sell a mature, finished product that is developed slow and as natural as possible. Nothing is pushed on feed, and this has proven to help us produce animal's that last much longer in production than the average. Resulting in higher ROI for our customers. Along with the bulls we sell bred registered heifers, and a top notch replacement quality pen of commercial open heifers.

       We strive for low stress handling with numerous methods. Whether it be on foot, horseback, four wheeler, pickup, etc... our cattle have seen it all and remain docile and easy to handle. If they have a disposition issue they are gone, or won't be sold.

       Along with the cattle we farm forages, small grains, and a little bit of corn. 

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