Schriefer Red Angus

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Current Herd & Reference Sires

SMJ Oscar Julian C811 - - - - - - RAAA #: 3477367

Oscar Julian is a bull we raised out of the Tongue River cow we bought as a heifer when Crumps dispersed 100% of the TR heifer calves. He worked for many years producing moderate framed, balanced cows with great teats and udders. 

FEDDES BOURNE C31-9247 - - - RAAA #: 4124430

Bourne C31 has turned out to be a stud. Bought as a yearling prospect from the Feddes program; his structural correctness, moderate frame, and depth of rib is eye catching. Not to mention he is backed by the powerhouse Blockana Y63-C31 cow. Although his EPDs don't suggest it, we have used him as a calving ease sire with great success! Very balanced set of numbers for a very balanced bull.

SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316 - - - RAAA #: 3555778

316 is a bull we raised and kept for his calving ease and incredible length. He has produced some top notch females for us.

DKK BRILLIANT 8115 - - - - - - RAAA #: 3906129 

Here is a bull we obtained from Klompien's in Manhattan, MT. We purchased him for his Performance, Structure, Length and Depth, Dark Cherry Coat, and his incredible Ribeye scan/carcass traits.

KUHNS DEFENDER D043 - - - - - - RAAA #: 3546130

Defender we bought and use due to his Maternal Genotype, Structure, and Calving Ease.

FEDDES BRUNSWICK B98-9255 - - - RAAA #: 4124176

Along with his growth characteristics we purchased Brunswick for his length, power, and structural correctness. Unfortunately we lost him early into his second breeding season, so this might be the only calf crop we have out of him.

Up & Coming Herd Sire Prospects!