Schriefer Red Angus

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Our Brand May Be Lazy, but We Guarantee Our Bull's Are Not!

Welcome to the Schriefer Red Angus site!  Schriefer Red Angus is a family orientated Registered Red Angus and commercial cattle ranch in North Dakota. Our goal is to produce cattle that are balanced, powerful, and predictable. We strive to market our cattle in an honest fashion, and to keep an honest and good relationship with our customers. We hope through this site, we can provide you with all the resources and information you need to become a potential and long-lasting customer! God Bless!

WHY BUY 2-year old BULLS From Us??!! (We only sell 2-yr old virgin bulls)

Here's a few reasons:

- EVERY single registered animal in our production is Genomically tested. Our Cows. Our Herd Bulls. Our Replacement Heifers. Our 2 yr old Sale Bulls.

                    Along with Accurate & Honest phenotypic records submitted, this genetic profiling is GIVING YOU, the consumer of our product, some of the most ACCURATE epd's and genetic profiles to choose from in the Northern Plains. Our bulls, which don't have any progeny, will have epd profiles as if they already have had a calf crop or two!

- Matured (You get a finished product) thus...

- MORE likely to stay sound for following breeding seasons

- Service

MORE Cows than yearlings

- MORE BANG for your BUCK!

- Developed on Grass for as long as possible, then fed a 30-35 megaCAL ration when pulled off of grass. 

Require LESS 1st season management than yearlings

-Lose LESS weight during breeding season than yearlings, thus...

- Require LESS supplemental feed for growth and reconditioning than yearlings

- Beings we ONLY sell 2 yr olds...We get to watch new Herd Sire prospect's females develop along with the bulls, thus giving YOU a more accurate idea of what to expect for females out of a new bull!

Upcoming Events:

January 28th, 2023 Annual Production Sale!
@ the Ranch!

When: January 28th, 2023

            2 pm CST .... Serving Fleischkuekla from Noon until Sale!

Where: AT THE RANCH - Golden Valley, ND. Scan QR code below for directions!

  **Sale Will be Broadcasted live on DVAuction ** -Click Here For Link-

" But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it." Matthew 7:14