Schriefer Red Angus

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2022 Production Sale Videos and Information!

Disclaimer: All videos were taken by us with no professional help. Scroll down for videos of bulls. Pics/Videos of HEIFERS @ the bottom of page.

To view full pedigree and EPD's of each animal, or to cross reference our catalog, CLICK the corresponding REGISTRATION # of the animal or visit  ...... PLEASE feel free to come by and check out the bulls and heifers in person prior to sale day!

***** EVERY single registered animal in our production is Genomically tested. Our Cows. Our Herd Bulls. Our Replacement Heifers. Our 2 yr old Sale Bulls.

        Along with Accurate & Honest phenotypic records submitted, this genetic profiling is GIVING YOU, the consumer of our product, some of the most ACCURATE epd's and genetic profiles to choose from in the Northern Plains. Our bulls, which don't have any progeny, will have epd profiles as if they already have had a calf crop or two! *****

About the 2023 Bulls: 

     The bulls this year were out on extreme drought stricken grass for 172 days (5 months, 19 days) in between weight measurements. They were on nothing but grass and free choice salt/mineral. The group's Average Daily Gain (ADG) was 2.08 lbs. per day. 
     All bulls, herd sires, and registered females are GGP tested.
All Sale Bulls are fertility checked and ready to go! We do encourage all of our customers to do a pre-turnout fertility exam before breeding season on all of their bulls.                     

*Free Delivery within 500 miles of our ranch to a central/convenient location. Deliveries will start February 20, 2022. $100.00 Cash rebate will be awarded to any person who takes their purchased animal home on sale day or picked up from ranch within 7 days of sale! This Rebate only applies to the 2 yr old bulls. The bred and commercial heifer's are the buyer's responsibility for transport and must be picked up on or before February 15, 2022. Seller will assist with load out.

Calving Ease Ratings: * = Recommended for cows only

                                    ** = Recommended for large framed heifers to cows

                                    *** = Recommended for Heifers. 

All Calving Ease ratings are based off of phenotypes and genotypes combined.

Sale Bulls

*EPD #'s and %'s are subject to change (Updated weekly by Association!). For the full list, most up to date, and accurate EPD's please check the RAAA website. We try our best to keep them updated on here, but sometimes we just don't get to it! When looking at percentages; it is listed in the "top(#)%"...For Example: HB - 5% means that bull ranks in the breeds top 5% for the HerdBuilder EPD amongst the breed.

*Dams MPPA are also subject to change as information is gathered and submitted. For most up-to-date info please visit the Association's webpage.

*All Bulls are Ultrasound Scanned and Genomic Tested.

*BW's listed are actual. WW's listed are adjusted.

Bred Heifers 2022

For the first time in the History of selling registered Red Angus outside of the ND Red Select Sale we will be selling Registered Bred Females straight out of the heart of our picks for our replacements. These females will sure make this sale special! 

All bred heifers are confirmed bred to SPR Polished Product  (RAAA #: 4348389 ) besides lot 32. She is bred to SMJ PM RAMBO G801  (RAAA #: 4147496 ). All heifers are due for a March 23rd Calving Date.

Commercial Open Replacement Heifers 2022

* ALL Heifers are Bangs Vaccinated, Red Angus FCCP tagged, Vet Checked OPEN, and have had a veterinary breeding soundness examination! *