Schriefer Red Angus

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2023 Production Sale Videos and Information!

Disclaimer: All videos were taken by us with no professional help. Scroll down for videos of bulls. Pics/Videos of HEIFERS @ the bottom of page.

To view full pedigree and EPD's of each animal, or to cross reference our catalog, CLICK the corresponding REGISTRATION # of the animal or visit  ...... PLEASE feel free to come by and check out the bulls and heifers in person prior to sale day!

***** EVERY single registered animal in our production is Genomically tested. Our Cows. Our Herd Bulls. Our Replacement Heifers. Our 2 yr old Sale Bulls.

        Along with Accurate & Honest phenotypic records submitted, this genetic profiling is GIVING YOU, the consumer of our product, some of the most ACCURATE epd's and genetic profiles to choose from in the Northern Plains. Our bulls, which don't have any progeny, will have epd profiles as if they already have had a calf crop or two! *****

About the 2023 Bulls & Heifers: 

     The bulls this year were out on grass for 177 days (5.8 months) in between weight measurements. They were on nothing but grass and free choice salt/mineral. The group's Average Daily Gain (ADG) was 1.76 lbs. per day. 
     All bulls, herd sires, and registered females are GGP tested.
All Sale Bulls are fertility checked and ready to go! We do encourage all of our customers to do a pre-turnout fertility exam before breeding season on all of their bulls.                     

*Free Delivery within 500 miles of our ranch to a central/convenient location. Deliveries will start at our convenience, but we will also work with customers to try and accommodate their needs. $100.00 Cash rebate will be awarded to any person who takes their purchased animal home on sale day or picked up from ranch within 7 days of sale! This Rebate only applies to the 2 yr old bulls. The bred and commercial heifer's are the buyer's responsibility for transport and must be picked up on or before February 13, 2023 unless otherwise arranged with us before sale time. A charge of $2.50/day/head will be applied to any heifer not picked up after February 13, 2023. Seller will assist with load out.

Calving Ease Ratings: * = Recommended for cows only

                                    ** = Recommended for large framed heifers to cows

                                    *** = Recommended for Heifers. 

All Calving Ease ratings are based off of phenotypes and genotypes combined.

Sale Bulls

*EPD #'s and %'s are subject to change (Updated weekly by Association!). For the full list, most up to date, and accurate EPD's please check the RAAA website. We try our best to keep them updated on here, but sometimes we just don't get to it! When looking at percentages; it is listed in the "top(#)%"...For Example: HB - 5% means that bull ranks in the breeds top 5% for the HerdBuilder EPD amongst the breed.

*Dams MPPA are also subject to change as information is gathered and submitted. For most up-to-date info please visit the Association's webpage.

*All Bulls are Genomic Tested. We were unable to ultrasound the bulls this year due to April's Spring Blizzard.

*Dam's Age listed is the age when she raised the calf. Dam's MPPA listed is current.

Lot 1 - SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316 son ** <-- Sire & Calving Ease Rating

RAAA #: 4501301 <-- Click # to be taken to Registration Page

BW: 80lbs

WW: 673 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.01 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA : 10/103

Frame Score: 5.0

99.9% 1B

A top performer on grass out of a great Dam that is expecting a calf at 12 this spring. Female maker.

Lot 2 - Feddes Bourne C31-9247 son *

RAAA #: 4501363

BW - 98 lbs

WW - 770 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.21lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/100

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

Long, deep, and full of performance.

Lot 3 - SMJ Oscar Julian C811 son **

RAAA #: 4501397

BW: 81 lbs

WW: 771 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.32 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 2/104

Frame Score: 4.5

100% 1A

This bull checks all the boxes. The highest performing bull on grass in the group. Oscar X28, Commitment, and Julian B571 in the bloodlines. Maternally focused with the performance to back it up. Moderate Framed with a lot of muscle. Herd Bull material.

Has a 1/2 brother yearling that looks equally as good. The future is bright for his young Dam!

Lot 4 - Feddes Bourne C31-9247 son **

RAAA #: 4501383

BW: 64 lbs

WW: 720 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.26 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 3/97

Frame Score: 5.5

99.9% 1B

This bull here is balanced as all get out, and has the herd bull look and maternal background to back it all up. Here is a front pasture bull for any commercial operation.

Lot 5 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son**

RAAA #: 4501371

BW: 74 lbs

WW: 745 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.1 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/97

Frame Score: 5.8

100% 1A

Long, easy traveling bull with a performance background to add to the package.

Lot 6 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son **

RAAA #: 4501335

BW: 87 lbs

WW: 763 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.4 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 6/103

Frame Score: 5.5

100% 1A

From a proven cow that consistently performs. Should make great females without sacrificing quality in your steer calves.

Lot 7 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son *

Lot 8 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son*

Here is a set of Twins that will work great if you are looking for a couple of bulls to run together for consistency in your calf crop.

RAAA #: 4501331

RAAA #: 4501417

BW: 79 lbs

WW: 604 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.74 lbs/day

Frame Score: 5.7

100% 1A

Dam's Age/MPPA: 6/101

BW: 79 lbs

WW: 649 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.54 lbs/day

Frame Score: 5.5

100% 1A

Lot 9 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son **

RAAA #: 4501337

BW: 84 lbs

WW: 566 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.93 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 6/93

Frame Score: 5.2

100% 1A

A Brilliant 8115 son out of a Seeger/Rusch cow from the ND State Select Sale.

Lot 10 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son***

RAAA #: 4501351

BW: 77 lbs

WW: 734 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.4 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 5/98

Frame Score: 5.2

100% 1A

3 Star Calving Ease and Performance. Dark Red

Cherry Coat. What everyone wants right here! 

Lot 11 - Kuhns Defender D043 son***

RAAA #: 4501395

BW: 77 lbs

WW: 724 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.09 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 2/101

Frame Score: 5.0

99.9% 1B

If you are a commercial operation looking for a new calving ease stud for your heifers, don't miss your opportunity at owning Lot 11 on sale day! 

Dam and Lot 11 in Drought stricken early July 2021. Young Bases Loaded Cow.

Lot 12 - SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316 son***

RAAA #: 4501381

BW: 69 lbs

WW: 542 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.98 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA 3/92

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

Here is a smooth made; moderate framed Impeccable Sakic son. *Catalog states he is 2 star, but he is a 3 star.

Lot 13 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son***

RAAA #: 4501385

BW: 67 lbs

WW: 682 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.83lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 3/95

Frame Score: 5.2

100% 1A

A moderate framed 3 start calving ease bull out of a young Defender cow that lost her calf in April's horrendous blizzard that decreased her MPPA, but to no fault of her own. This bull is the real deal, and his dam is too. So much that we kept her on and adopted a commercial calf onto her. She bred back and will continue to produce for us.

His EPD profile has 11 in the top 35% or better.

Lot 14 - Kuhns Defender D043 son**

RAAA #: 4501405

BW: 90 lbs

WW: 736 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.25 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 2/98

Frame Score:4.9

100% 1A

3rd highest gaining bull on grass. If you have big heifers we'd consider him a 3 star for calving ease, if not a 2 his BW is just 1 factor in the grand scheme of it all

Lot 15 - Kuhns Defender D043 son***

RAAA #: 4501411

BW: 73 lbs

WW: 845 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.69 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 2/106

Frame Score: 4.7

100% 1A

This bull is built like an NFL Defensive Back. Little, yet full of power. 3 Star calving ease with a lot of performance to back it all up. You'll want him playing safety in your pasture getting all those females bred! Highest Weaning bull in the sale with the smallest frame score! Small to moderate, with the big boys power! Here is your all in one package!

Lot 16 - Feddes Bourne C31-9247 son**

RAAA #: 4501349

BW: 82 lbs                       Frame Score: 5.0

WW: 730 lbs                    100% 1A

ADG on Grass: 1.76 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 5/101

Lot 17 - Feddes Bourne C31-9247 son*

RAAA #: 4501361

BW: 91 lbs

WW: 720 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.81 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/104

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

This Bourne c31 son out of a Bases Loaded cow seems to be a home-run combination. Great maternal and performance genetics alike. You won't want to miss this guy with 11/19 epd's in top 30% or better. Would work great w/Lots 18 & 19 to run in a larger pasture for a consistent set of calves!

FEDDES BLOCKANA Y63-C31 - GrandDam to all Bourne C31-9247 sons in sale. Top Donor in the Feddes Program. RAAA #: 3469586  

Lot 18 - Feddes Bourne C31-9247 son**

RAAA #: 4501389

Another stellar Bourne c31 son. This guys pedigree is packed full of maternal power. If you are in the functional female making business, this is the bull for the job. Would complement Lot's 17 and 19 if you needed 3 bulls to make a consistent set of calves for a large group of cows!

BW: 68 lbs

WW: 762 lbs

ADG: 1.74 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 3/108

Frame Score: 5.5

100% 1A

Lot 19 - Feddes Bourne C31-9247 son**

RAAA #: 4501377

BW: 85 lbs

WW: 727 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.89 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 3/102

Frame Score:5.2

100% 1A

These Bourne C31 sons come in moderate frames, and with muscle. As said in Lot 17's and 18's bio...the three of these bulls combined would make 1 heck of a good set to run together in a bigger pasture!

This Guys pedigree is packed full of maternal power. Definitely want to keep females from him.

Lot 20 - Feddes Brunswick B98-9255 son** 

RAAA #: 4501325

BW: 84 lbs

WW: 757 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.73 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 6/100

Frame Score: 5.7

100% 1A

The first of our Brunswick B98 sons to sell. Unfortunately we lost Brunswick B98 early in the second breeding season with him , so this might be the only run of Brunswick calves to be available through us!

This guys easy going disposition is the epitome of the Red Angus breed. Along with his muscle, depth, and dark red cherry coat. He will stand out to you on sale day.

Lot 21 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son*

RAAA #: 4501321

BW: 95 lbs

WW: 775 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.63 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 6/103

Frame Score: 7.0

100% 1A

With Lot 21 we will start a pen of the "heavy-hitters." If you are looking for more frame, and pure performance check him and lot's 22 and 23 out! His Dam is exceptional.

Lot 22 -DKK Brilliant 8115 son*

RAAA #: 4501375

BW: 93 lbs

WW: 772 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.74 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 3/102

Frame Score: 7.2

100% 1A

A high performing, large framed Brilliant 8115 son out of a nice, young Bases Loaded cow. His pedigree is packed with performance.

Lot 23 -DKK Brilliant 8115 son*

RAAA #: 4501315

BW: 107

WW: 806

ADG on Grass: 1.45 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 7/102

Frame Score: 6.9

99.9% 1B

3rd highest weaning in the group. His frame, length, and ability to carry depth of rib come naturally through his dam. She a large cow that does all of that on exceptional feet and legs.

Lot 24 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son**

RAAA #: 4501353

BW: 79 lbs

WW: 773 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.39 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 6/101

Frame Score:5.8

100% 1A

Here is a very nice Brilliant 8115 son out of an Amber Lights cow. If you like HXC Conquest; he has it going back on both sides of his pedigree.

Lot 25 - WSM Cowboy 972G son**

RAAA #: 4501343

BW: 79 lbs

WW: 728 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.83 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 5/100

Frame Score: 5.5

100% 1A

This will be the only Cowboy 972G son in the sale. 972G is one of the favorite cows in Wasem's program and Lot 25's grand dam on our side was a female making machine for years! You want to make functional females or heavyweight feeders; look to lot 25.

Lot 26 - Feddes Brunswick B98-9255 son*

RAAA #: 4501339

BW: 94 lbs

WW: 746 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.75 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 5/98

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

Another long, docile Brunswick B98 son. Feeder Calf maker.

Lot 27 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son*

RAAA #: 4501419 

*Twin to Lot 32

BW: 70

WW: 628

ADG on Grass: 1.57 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/104

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

Here is an extremely balanced Brilliant 8115 son out of a Night-Calver cow. Twin to Lot 32.

Lot 28 - SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316 son*

RAAA #: 4501355

BW: 73 lbs

WW: 641 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.69 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/99

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

Smooth traveling, long, and with eye appeal. His Dam had twins this spring and she raised both of them. If you want to make replacements with good feet and udders Lot 28 will do that job!

Lot 29 - Feddes Brunswick B98-9255 son*

RAAA #: 4501357

BW: 115 lbs

WW: 825 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.04 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/103

Frame Score: 5.2

100% 1A

Don't let his BW scare you. If you run larger framed cows, or another, larger framed breed, this guy is your go-to bull. His Bases Loaded Dam's other progenies BW's are 78, 83, and 90. His pedigree is packed full of performance. She calved him unassisted and he took off from there with ranking in the top weaning and ADG as a yearling. 

Lot 30 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son*

RAAA #: 4501365

BW: 80 lbs.

WW: 743 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.63 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/99

Frame Score: 4.8

100% 1A

Lot 30 is the 2nd smallest framed bull in the sale, but that doesn't mean he lacks performance. Built like a running back, and will be sure to perform like one too.

Lot 31 - SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316*

RAAA #: 4501309

BW: 86 lbs

WW: 599 lbs

ADG on Grass: 2.00 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 9/98

Frame Score: 5.0

100% 1A

Here will be the last SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316 son ever offered. Take advantage of these HerdBuilding genetics while you can!

Lot 32 - DKK Brilliant 8115 son**

RAAA #: 4501373

BW: 62 lbs

WW: 639 lbs

ADG on Grass: 1.71 lbs/day

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/104

Frame Score: 5.8

100% 1A

If you were lucky enough to get Lot 27, here is the perfect brother to pair him up with in a group of cows! *Twin to Lot 27

Bred Heifers 2023

Females straight out of the heart of our picks for our replacements. First Cycle Bred out of our all natural breeding program. That means they are from the Top of Our Program, and expressed the natural fertility, without any syncing or drugs, to obtain a pasture bred 1st cycle. These females will sure make this sale special! 


RAAA #: 4501345

BW: 61 lbs

WW: 631 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 5/102

100% 1A

Here is 1 of 2 choices of Brunswick B98 daughters you will have an opportunity at. Disposition is phenomenal. Great feet and legs, and sure to have a great udder. 

Bred to SMJ PM Rambo G801 #4147496 for a calving date of 3/20/2023


RAAA #: 4501407 

BW: 67 lbs

WW: 616 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 2/94

99.9% 1B

This heifer is complete. From her phenotype to her genotype. You can search high and low to find an animal that has an EPD profile as good as hers along with the cow look she possesses.

Bred to HBR Leonidas #4497427 for a 3/25/2023 calving date.

Lot 35
SMJ Ina 316 J803

Lot 36
SMJ JoJo Brunswick J293

RAAA #: 4501387

BW: 80 lbs

WW: 610 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 3/98

100% 1A

Here is a great SMJ Impeccable Sakic D316 daughter. She is sure to make a cow that can run in any country. Won't get too big, but will still perform.

Bred to SMJ PM Rambo G801 #4147496 for a 3/25 calving date.

Lot 37 - SMJ Lass Cowboy J294

RAAA #: 4501367

BW: 56 lbs

WW: 586 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 4/100

100% 1A

You won't want to miss this 1/2 sister to the high selling bred of last year's sale! She is an easy traveling heifer out of Brunswick B98. Grab these Brunswick genetics while they're hot!

DNA needed from calf. Bred safe for a 4/1 calving date to either SMJ PM Rambo G801 #4147496 or SMJ CM H315 #4302953.

RAAA #: 4501347

BW: 72 lbs

WW: 667 lbs

Dam's Age/MPPA: 5/99

100% 1A

To end the sale we will sell 1 of our 2 cowboy 972G daughters. She is going to make a long and deep brood cow that is sure to be a top performer in any herd. Very performance minded pedigree! Bred to SMJ PM Rambo G801 #4147496 for a 3/25/2023 calving date.

Commercial Open Replacement Heifers 2023

* ALL Heifers are Bangs Vaccinated, Red Angus FCCP tagged, Vet Checked OPEN, and have had a veterinary breeding soundness examination! *

Lot A-1 - 38 Hd

This is our big set of heifers. They will weigh around 750lbs come sale day. Straight out of the heart of our herd, and sorted for frame size. Vet checked and ready to go!

Lot B - 18hd - Rimrock Livestock Consignment (These heifers are same type and kind as A-1)

Here we have a great consignment from a customer! The Lundbergs pulled their best off the Killdeer mountain to sell and they will fit right in with our big group; frame and weight wise. Vet checked and ready to go to work for you!

Lot A-2 - 12 Hd

Here is 12 head that don't lack quality by any means, they will just be smaller to moderate framed cows when they mature, so we sorted them off to sell in a smaller group. Good to go to work on your ranch!