Schriefer Red Angus

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Original Cowboy Poetry By Riley R Schriefer

*All poetry on this site is originally written by Riley R Schriefer, but he promotes the use of anyone who may want to use it, just that credit to author is used! Thank You! 

"Simply, North Dakota" by - Riley R Schriefer

It’s the lonely winds that whip through the native grasses.

That bring music to our ears, and sights to our eyes,

That one can see for miles…even without their glasses.

It’s those miles of fences that keep the cattle in.

It takes leather palms and days to fix…

Some say that’s why the cowboys here are so thin.

It’s the brisk mornings that bring the clear bawl of a newborn.

                     That drive each rancher and cowhand to get out of bed,

                                  Every morning before breakfast to live the life they were sworn.


                               Because, each cowboy in his own heart makes an agreement with God.

                     To take care of His land, His animals, and His creation,

                        Even when it’s 0 above and ground isn’t close to thawed.

                 They say the people here are the nicest in the nation.

      They will fix you breakfast, dinner, and supper,

Even if you don’t hardly earn your ration.

Even though nice, the cowboys are hard to need be,

Because when it’s white outside it’s coldest here,

And we learn to drink it straight black, before it’s coffee.

Each man lives to be old and has clearly earned each dimple.

Because he was wise enough to know and look back upon his smiles,

When he chose a North Dakota life…one of morals and is really, pretty simple.

You can only find enjoyment if you see the simple small things put in front of you.

North Dakota is full of them, and if you just look,

You might find a few.

“Calving Season”

By: Riley Schriefer

The weather is changing to the warmer on the plains.

The snow is melting; the grass will be greening,

And the daylight has made some tremendous gains.

As the darkness fades; sleep becomes less and work becomes more.

All to get ready for what some call a “fever,”

But we know the better, because it is our biggest chore.

This time of year has many names for good reasons,

As it is called an Equinox, Lent, and most popularly spring,

But the name that sticks in my mind is Calving Season.

We’ve had all winter to gain energy and rest up.

They are hard, demanding, and wakeful times,

This is why it’s now when one most uses their coffee cup.

It’s not the hard work, and stress that we dwell upon.

Rather it’s more of a glorifying job gave from God,

Because nothing speaks more truth than a newborn at Dawn.

It’s a truth about nature, instincts, and life at its best.

It’s not for the faint of heart and feeble minded,

And ranchers understand this better than the rest.

For God made ranchers for a very specific reason.

During the days of hard work, and life with some death,

Ranchers only see Glory in this time of Calving Season.